We help our clients throughout the world to manage their Occupational Health and Safety systems.

W e exist to use our professional expertise to develop and implement sound and effective Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

We employ knowledge garnered from years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management.

Our professionals are seasoned experts experienced in the private and public sectors; cutting across schools, community based organizations, administrative facilities, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to projects funded by major development Banks such as the World Bank (WB), African Development Bank (AfDB) and French Development Agency (AFD).

Our desire is to bring management and labour together within organizations in order to promote safe, healthful and hazard-free workplaces; a consequence of serious long-term commitment by management towards the safety and health of their employees. Furthermore, we employ international best practices to projects being implemented for our clients. OHS is an important part of any business or industry and should be approached professionally, with care and consideration.

Accidents and diseases generally cause great human suffering and loss. At work the economic cost is high. Yet public awareness of work-related safety and health issues tends to be low. All too frequently it does not get the priority it merits. For this reason, we exist to educate businesses on the financial torture that inefficient or absent safety and health management systems may bring to your business operations

Our Core Professional Disciplines

Occupational Health and Safety

Safe workplaces and safe work procedures are important in any business operation. ILO reports that incidents, accidents, and deaths occur in the workplace... something has to be done to solve this problem

Environmental Management

The international community has established safeguards to protect environmental sensitivities from the potential adverse impacts of proposed developments./p>

Business Administration & Finance

Who can run a sucessful business without proper up-to-date flexible administrative and financial management systems. We respond positively to business change.

Leadership & Social Development

Leadership in what we do is paramount. The desire to show and provide leadership as a corporate entity in our services and responsibilities is our conviction.

Engineering and Information Technology

As the world moves at the speed of light with innovations in Engineering and information technology, so also do we move to ensure we are compliant with ever-changing technology